Even diplomats post things they regret later.

You can see the tweets they posted first, and deleted after on Diplotwoops.

RT @SRE_mx: La #SRE abre el libro de condolencias por el fallecimiento de Lee Kuan Yew ow.ly/KQJc4 #ComunicadoSRE

"अगली बार किसी प्रकार शोषण देखे, में आपसे अनुरोध हूँ, उसे उन्देखा न करे, अपनी आवाज़ उठाए" @HelenCGKolkata #EndTrafficking

Совместное #заявление Министра иностранных дел Российской Федерации (МИД России ) и Совета министров иностранных... fb.me/7e7XcjKSy

#Update @YemenAirways suspends all fights until Sunday night #Yemen

Removal of statue of #Rhodes is a metaphorical call for real transformation #RhodesMustFall according prof. Adebajo http://t.co/uXD7xDQh0q

This weekend the 2015 #FORMULA1 MALAYSIA GRAND PRIX will take place. We keep our fingers crossed for the #swedish F1 driver @Ericsson_Marcus

RT @KazEmbassyUK: Қазақстан Елшісі Ержан Қазыханов Ұлыбританиядағы қазақстандық студенттік ұйымдардың өкілдерімен кездесу өткізді.

From the Amnesty International report: "Palestinian armed groups stored rockets and other munitions in civilian... fb.me/4diqe80F2

Italia all'ONU (un) retweeted @Onuitalia :

RT @Onuitalia: Libya: UNSC to vote on extending UNSMIL mandate wp.me/p5DQef-26w